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Cover for The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native

Eustacia Vye despises her boring country village of Egdon Heath. Beautiful, headstrong, and passionate, Eustacia longs to escape her home and lead a life of romance and adventure. ...

Cover for Isobel


Sergeant Billy MacVeigh and his partner Pelliter are tasked to defend the outpost of Point Fullerton. They are all alone in the Canadian Northwest, hundreds of miles from civilisat ...

Cover for The Golden Snare

The Golden Snare

Philip Raine is a Royal Canadian police officer, who is on the trail of a ruthless and wild murderer named Bram Johnson. The elusive Johnson roams through the frozen wilderness of ...

Cover for The Valley of Silent Men

The Valley of Silent Men

While Jim Kent lies in his bed, thinking that he is dying from a fatal serious disease, he confesses to having committed a murder but he also falls head over heels in love with Mar ...

Cover for The Wolf Hunters

The Wolf Hunters

During the school break, two schoolmates decide to go out hunting for wolves. Their main purpose is to kill as many wolves as possible by setting traps in the woods, and then sell ...

Cover for War


The footsteps of the enemy approach. Nearby, a young, voiceless calvary officer lies ready to act, but not in the way you might think. Words in time of war prove powerful, and in J ...

Cover for Knights of the Range

Knights of the Range

Young and impressionable Holly Ripple unexpectedly finds herself in possession of her father's vast livestock empire after his death. When thieves and desperados start to torment h ...

Cover for The Lost Letter

The Lost Letter

"The Lost Letter" is a short story by Gogol published in his 1831 collection "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka". In it, an exuberant narrator, the old sexton Foma, humorously recoun ...

Cover for Faust


Goethe’s ‘Faust’ is considered to be his Magnum Opus and one of the best works of German literature ever completed. It is a universal tale of belonging, love, despair and finding o ...

Cover for Johdata minut kiusaukseen

Johdata minut kiusaukseen

Yliopistolla työskentelevä herra Qvillander on joutunut hankalaan tilanteeseen. Ensin hän otti yhden vekselin, sitten toisen. Lopulta hän on joutunut ottamaan lisää vekseleitä, jot ...

Cover for Suurherttuan öljysota

Suurherttuan öljysota

Minorcan suurherttua on innoissaan: tänään alkaa uusi vaihe Minorcan suurherttuakunnan historiassa! Mutta mitä mahtaakaan olla edessä? Keskittyyhän suurherttua yleensä lähinnä syöm ...

Cover for The Snipe

The Snipe

A stroke of paralysis has left Baron des Ravots crippled, but thanks to the toil and dedication of his dutiful servants, he can still entertain guests and hunt birds with great suc ...

Cover for The Spasm

The Spasm

"My heart was throbbing wildly. I was frightened. I opened the door brusquely, and in the darkness I distinguished a white figure, standing erect, something that resembled an appar ...

Cover for Two Little Soldiers

Two Little Soldiers

Jean and Luc are two best friends serving in the army. Life as a soldier is unforgiving, but every Sunday provides a ray of hope for the two soldiers as they walk down the Seine ri ...

Cover for Waiter, a 'Bock'

Waiter, a 'Bock'

Two old school friends meet in a café in Paris, but their chance meeting turns into a surprise for one of them. Aged, dirty, and with fingernails blackened with tobacco, Jean des B ...

Cover for Two Friends

Two Friends

It’s 1870 and the Siege of Paris is in full swing, where the French-Prussian war has brought daily life to a halt. Wearied, starving, and strung out on absinthe, two men meet by ch ...

Cover for The Thief

The Thief

"The Thief" tells the tragic story of a soldier enamoured with life and with a girl as disquieting and wayward as she is beautiful. Through masterful storytelling within a story, G ...

Cover for Walter Schnaffs' Adventure

Walter Schnaffs' Adventure

Walter Schnaff is unlike the other soldiers in the Prussian army. While his brothers-in-arms advance through Normandy with the intent of subjugating the French and achieving victor ...

Cover for The Signal

The Signal

When the Baronne de Grangerie attempts to imitate the gestures of a woman in the window on the opposite side of the street, she gets much more than she bargained for. Will she make ...

Cover for What was Really the Matter with Andrew

What was Really the Matter with Andrew

Matilda cannot wait for her husband to be away so she can invite Captain Sommerive into her house and heart. But as their love affair grows more passionate, Matilda begins to see t ...

Cover for War and Peace IV

War and Peace IV

Moscow is lost, occupied by Napoleon's French hordes. Is Russia lost? Is all lost? Students of history will already know the answer. But whether or not you do, Leo Tolstoy's 'War a ...

Cover for War and Peace III

War and Peace III

The third quarter of 'War and Peace' is where the rubber really hits the road (or the cannonballs hit the walls). The story centres on one of history's most famous periods, Napoleo ...

Cover for War and Peace II

War and Peace II

Have you taken a deep breath after the drama and conflict of volume one? It's time to dive into 'War and Peace II' - and it does not slow down. With Russia bruised by Napoleon's vi ...

Cover for War and Peace I

War and Peace I

'I'm not looking for 'War and Peace'" is a modern way of saying 'keep it short'. However, 'I am looking for 'War and Peace'' should be on our lips. Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece is a c ...

Cover for An Old Man's Love

An Old Man's Love

Published posthumously in 1884, An Old Man’s Love was Anthony Trollope’s last completed work. A classic tale of romance and rivalry, it follows the intertwining stories of young or ...